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About Company

DSP Design Associates

DSP Design Associates was established in 1989 as a Pan India multi-disciplinary firm and integrated design consultancy firm. To describe DSP Design Associates is to capture a two decade-old story of design innovation, deep understanding, and relentlessly high standards.

This uniquely talented firm has claimed the length and breadth of India as its stage, building a formidable reputation for award worthy designs, and an adherence and expertise in ‘green’ sensibility. This promise of excellence has drawn a marquee clientele that includes multinational organizations, leading developers of the country, world class hotel franchises, leading business houses and many more. DSP’s mission is to bring an unusual degree of quality, reliability and refinement to the table and provide a personalized & total quality effort focusing on our ability to deliver exceptional service to exceed clients’ expectations.


About Winners

Mr. Yatin Patel / Mr. Mehul Shah & Mr. Bimal Desai Directors

Yatin’s design philosophy is “one size does not fit all”, that every building should tell a story and it should convey its purpose of existence. An office should be a reflection of the company’s ideologies in shapes, forms and spaces to remind people that this is the direction to go together. As the Founder and Director of DSP, besides being involved in design, Mehul keeps the firm abreast with the latest in implementation process & technology. In the course of time he has taken DSP from being designers to being the client’s trusted advisors and agents of change. Bimal Desai is highly involved into leading DSP to explore newer frontiers and evolving new strategies for business expansion both Pan India and Internationally. He actively mentors new talent in the DSP team, and focuses a lot of his effort in fostering a generation of environmentally sensitive architects and designers.

Other Nominees

The Shards

By : Mr. Sanjay Puri
Company : Sanjay Puri Architects


By : Mr. Yatin Patel / Mr. Mehul Shah / Mr. Bimal Desai
Company : DSP Design Associates