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Mahendra Chavan & Associates

The Mahendra Chavan and Associates firm was established in 1978 in Satara. Having begun its practice on small residences, apartments and interior projects with very low budgets, the company moved on to a variety of projects, from economical to high-end, in its journey over the past 35 years.

It has planned and designed residences, apartments, hospitals, hotel buildings, commercial complexes, industrial buildings, institutional buildings, petrol pumps, offices and banks. Between the 1980s and 1990s, the firm gained recognition and won several awards for its designs of public buildings and other projects.

The firm believes in design excellence, timely commitment and superior management. Its basic approach also includes a unique arrangement of tilted cubes which is very useful in commercial aspects.

The firm is known for its key interest in architecture and in creating spaces that convey the message of simple, smart and rich areas. It also ensures that its projects adhere to the concepts of ecological balance in terms of the use of natural light and integration of the project within its environment.


About Winners

Mr. Mahendra Baburao Chavan / Ms. Mithila Mahendra Chavan Principal Architects

Mahendra Baburao Chavan, Principal Architect at Mahendra Chavan and Associates is known for his quiet and approachable demeanor, and is looked up as a guide and mentor to young and budding architects. He believes that creativity of an architect is never bound by geographical boundaries. He has a professional experience of 35 years, wherein he’s worked on several projects including specially designed hotel buildings, residential buildings, commercial complexes, institutional projects, and government projects.

Mithila Mahendra Chavan, is a specialist in architecture, having graduated from Sinhgad College of Architecture, she later went on to complete her masters in Architecture from Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia, USA. She possesses professional experience of two years with the firm, and is proficient in all types of project designing. Mithila is known for her vivacity and enthusiasm and for the detailed knowledge of architecture she brings along with her.

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